The Lotus: Know It and Grow It
.The Lotus: Know It and Grow It
..A beautiful book with everything you need to grow and appreciate lotus (Nelumbo)
Curious About Lotus (Nelumbo) ?
• Thinking about growing native or hybrid lotus -- N. lutea or nucifera cultivars?
Table of Contents
• Botanical Background    
• Cultivation
• Landscape Uses            
• Lotus Timeline
• 101 Other Uses             
• Cultural Traditions
• Lore
• Resources  
• Quick Guide for Gardeners
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• 52 pages; paperback; 8.5"x5.5"
• 110+ full-color photos
• 2007, reprinted 2008
• ISBN 978-0-9794732-0-3
• For a few
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The Lotus: KNow It and Grow It book cover
• Curious about the significance of lotus in Buddhism or other cultures?
• Looking for landscape or container uses of dwarf and full size lotuses?
• Wondering how to propagate lotus from tubers or seeds?
• Need details about when and how to fertilize the Nelumbo in your pond?
• Want information on the pests attacking your lotus leaves or stems?
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This Book will Answer Your Lotus Questions & Delight Your Eyes
For thousands of years lotuses fascinated people for their religion, food,
research, and ponds. This volume covers almost everything about the lotus

from seed to tuber to flower. The book is clearly written and packed
with beautiful color photographs. It gives a complete portrait of this
amazing plant, along with help for those who want to grow it.