The lotus is one of the most researched plants in the world. There is international interest in Nelumbo for health,
medicine, chemistry, and other characteristics. Lotus seeds have been sent into outer space and work continues to
understand how they remain viable for hundreds of years. Below are just a small sample of articles, videos (♠), and

For academic and scientific materials search for
nelumbo in Google scholar.
Lotus Related Resources & Links
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Researchers optimise 'lotus effect' of soil-repellent textiles [Germany, Jul 2010]    
Ancient lotus seeds blossom after 700 years [Korea, Jul 2010]
Jurassic lotuses [Korea, Jul 2010]
Lotus leaves give up the secret of frost freedom [China, May 2010]
GE Looks At Lotus Leaves To Make Water Bounce [Global, Apr 2010]
Physics World - Lotus Leaves shake Off Water [North Carolina, US, Nov 2009]
US scientist unlocks survival secrets in lotus seed protein [India, Nov 2009]
Stolit Lotusan [Atlanta, US, Nov 2009]
Bouncing water drops on hydrophobic surface [Oct 2009]
The Lotus's Clever Way of Staying Dry [Global, Oct 2009]
NASA Uses Lotus Leaf as Inspiration for Space Gear Dust-Repellent [California, US, Sep 2009]
Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: A Non-Technical Overview [Alabama, US, Aug 2009]
Lotus Nano Fabric [Hong Kong, Jun 2009]
Lotus leaf-like membrane for oil spill [Singapore, Jan 2009]
StoCoat Lotusan [Atlanta, US, Sep 2008]
Management and use of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. In Thai wetlands [Thailand, Jun 2008]
Lotus Effect on lotus leaf [Jun 2008]
Lotus-Effect on the Chrysler windshield with nano-Sealant [Apr 2008]
Lotus Effect Windshield [Apr 2008]
Experimental Lotus Coating with Nano Glass [Apr 2008]
New Oil-repelling Material Created [Global, Dec 2007]
Self cleaning Lotus leaf imitated in plastic by using a laser [Netherlands, Jan 2007]
The lotus effect on a taro leaf with honey too! [Masca Gorge, Sep 2006]
Temperature regulation by thermogenic flowers - Seymour [Japan, Sep 2006]
Scientists confirm role of nano-hairs in self-cleaning lotus leaf [Global, Feb 2006]
Turning the lotus effect on its head [Michigan, US, Apr 2005]
Lotus seed as food and medicine [Oregon, US, Mar 2002]
updated 4/22/2011