Nelumbo is connected to the environment in many ways since it grows in wetlands and is used for numerous purposes.
Recent research has demonstrated its ability to clarify water, something many have known for centuries. While the
lotus stands at the forefront of many wetland improvement projects, it also remains shrouded in misconceptions. Get
some background here. Start with the video that clearly explains how constructed wetlands work.
Lotus Related Resources & Links
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Regulated Noxious Aquatic Weeds of the US: Combined State & Federal Lists updated Dec 2012, download spreadsheet
Contructed Wetlands - A Cartoonified Look (♠) Only 40 seconds, but gets the message across
Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: A Non-technical Overview (♠) Excellent video, dozens of examples
Lotus or Lily [Australia]
Outdoor Alabama [Alabama, US]
Restoring the American lotus to the nation's capital [Washington, DC, US]
USAID Wetlands Conservation Pays Off, Before and After [Bangladesh]
USDA Nelumbo plant profile [US]
ARTICLES (in chronological order, newest first)
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Urban and Stormwater Pond Management [Maryland, US, Jan 2009]
American Lotus: Taking Sides on a Michigan Symbol [Michigan, US, Oct 2007]
Patch of flowers at center of Mich. legal battle [Michigan, US, Oct 2007]
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