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To learn about the fascinating ways lotus is involved with art, architecture, science and more ...
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BOOKSsome entirely about lotus, while others have a chapter or smaller section
Amazing Thai Lotus. 2007, Horticultural Science Society of Thailand. English.
Aquatic Plants & Their Cultivation, Helen Nash & Steve Stroupe. 1998, Sterling. Also other publishers with different titles.
Book of Water Gardening, Peter Bisset. 1929, DeLaMare. An oldie but goodie.
Chinese Lotus Flower Cultivars, Qichao Wang & Xinyan Zhang. 1989. 162 cultivars. Chinese with English cultivar list.
Chinese Lotus Flower Cultivars Continued, Qichao Wang & Xinyan Zhang. 1999, China Construction Press. 170 cultivars.
Chinese & some English.
Edible Water Gardens: Growing Water Plants for Food & Profit, Nick Romanowski. 2007, Hyland House. A page on Lotus.
Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants, Greg & Sue Speichert. 2004, Timber Press. Good coverage of growing & varieties.
The Fascinating World of Lotus, Satomi Watanabe.1990, Parks & Open Spaces Assn of Japan. Japanese & English. Difficult
to find, worth the trouble.
Flowering Lotus of China, Zou Xiuwen et al. 1997, Beijing Botanical Garden. Chinese and English. 138 cultivars.
Lotus, Kazuaki Tanahashi. 2006, Wisdom Publications. Beautiful lotus poems and photographs.
The Lotus: Know It and Grow It, Kelly Billing & Paula Biles. 2007 IWGS.
The Lotus: Know It and Grow It - Korean edition, Kelly Billing & Paula Biles, transl. by Chris Song. 2010, Semiwon. Korean.
Lotus of China, Ni Xueming. 1987, Wuhan Botanical Institute.
The Lotus Quest: In Search of the Sacred Flower, Mark Griffiths. 2010, St Martins. A top UK plant expert's quest to learn
the significance and history of Nelumbo.
Medicinal Plants of the World, Ben-Erik van Wyk & Michael Wink. 2004, Timber Press. Scientific guide medicinal plants
(including Nelumbo & other aquatics) and their uses
Native American Enthnobotany, Daniel Moerman. 1998, Timber Press. Detailed compilation of plant uses by native
American tribes. Includes page on lotus.
The R.I.S.E. Method, by Rick Bartel. 2010, Rival Publications. Quality pond installation practices that are geared to
complementing the plantings.
The Water Gardener's Bible, Ben Helm & Kelly Billing. 2008, Rodale. Covers everything about water gardening, including
aquatic plants.
Water Gardening: Water Lilies and Lotuses, Perry Slocum & Peter Robinson. 1996, Timber Press. The classic reference.
Water Gardens, Jacqueline Heriteau & Charles Thomas. 1994, Houghton Mifflin. Out of print but frequently available.
Water Lilies and Lotuses: Species, Cultivars and New Hybrids, Perry Slocum. 2005, Timber Press. Update for 1996 ed.
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